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Recent games I liked -

Legend of Zelda (Gameboy Advance) - I picked this up a week ago for my DS.  The game has kept its charm after two decades I found myself sucked in looking for which bush to burn.  Quest 2 is still hard as ever.

Metroid Prime (Wii): Fun and solid gameplay as you would expect with such a major name.

Metalgear Solid (PSP): Just started this game but seems quite similar game play to Sons of Liberty - Substance and Snake Eater - Subsistence, quite fun

Earth Defense Force 2017: Mindless and fun and like old classic shooters.


Games I'm waiting for -

Smash Brawl (Wii): One of my favorite co-op games of all time

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3): I don't have this system yet but between MGS4 and FF13 I might get motivated.

Starcraft II (PC): Sequel to one of my favorite games ever.  I can't wait for them to announce Zerg.


NOT recommended:

Brain Age (DS): Fun at first but too easy to master the games.  It feels more like a test of reactions and conditioned responses than a challenge to think.  I made the mistake of trading it for my Kirby game (one of the highest rated DS games).

Elebits (Wii): A popular early Wii game but it couldn't hold my attention.  I much prefered Trauma Center for practicing sharp hand/eye coordination.  Violence factor also helps, I'm not a fan of cuddly cute things.

Rampage (Wii): one of the worst games I ever played, terrible calibration and controls

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